Is French add-on to the success of your business?

Your employees can learn French in our public classes, or we can deliver tailor-made lessons at your premises.
Gain a competitive edge in Francophone markets, enhance your business and travel experience in French-speaking countries, improve communication with clients and colleagues, and foster team building within your company.
Discounts are available for long-term programs.
Books and learning materials are not included in the tuition fees.


Competitive Pricing: Prices scaled to class size and organizational needs—the more employees enrolled, the better the value.
Custom Classes: Instruction tailored to meet your time frame, goals, scheduling, and logistical needs.
Cultural Training: Gain cultural training in addition to language instruction.


Discover the delicious products from the French Bakery Abu Dhabi!

As a member of Alliance Française, you can get 15% of discount on quality products and a special offer of 25% OFF on all birthday cakes (until March 31st 2019)!
For terms & conditions and information, please call
02 65 09 986 / 055 123 3151
or visit the website

French Bakery
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